0-Our Heritage is Coming Soon!

Our Heritage is coming soon!

Our Heritage is a local, Central Coast based podcast, giving insight into our people, our clients, our families, our area and our suppliers of our industry, Real Estate. We cover everything from Granny Flat information to living and working with Crohn’s Disease. To what it’s like being a woman in Real Estate through to information on staging a home for sale and what’s involved. It’s not your normal Real Estate podcast. It is about all the interesting people and amazing business that we come across, while going about our business of Real Estate. It’s informative and interesting and above all, some good story telling. We wanted to give a platform and a voice to everyday people on the Central Coast where you may learn a little and hopefully, like a lot. Hosted by local Coastie, Carley Eldridge who also happens to be the Marketing Manager at Wiseberry Heritage and produced by Ciarin Christie, we hope you enjoy this podcast as we duck and dive into the common thread our guests all have which is real estate and being Coasties. To stay up to date with everything Our Heritage, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.